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Meet Charlie

We adopted a new dog a few weeks ago. His name is Charlie and he is a hooligan. 


My little Lola

I don't know what it is about this dog but she makes me laugh at every turn. Lola is either on or off. There's no in between with her. She's alert or she's passed out like a champ. See, here she is completely interested in what I'm doing, am I going to get her a treat? 

Of course I am! How could I not after that little face? 

But then there's this. Did she have too much bourbon? Passed out cold!

Oh, Lola! 


I am his TV


A little garden time

The weather isn't bad here in California but you can definitely tell that the plants know it's spring. There was nothing in this bed when I moved in. I had no idea what any of these plants were, how they'd interact with each other or how to take care of them.

garden view

Thankfully, I caught on and am now rewarded with some of the most amazing colors I've ever seen. I mean what's better than hot pink and orange? Not much!


I hadn't seen aloe in bloom before this last year. This aloe was given to me by my neighbor, I proceeded to neglect the poor thing in a pot until my mother-in-law finally just stuck it in the ground. Now I can't stop staring at it's crazy yellow blossoms, this one is about 4 feet tall!

aloe in bloom

This is a tree fuchsia with a different aloe bloom behind it.

fuchsia and aloe

And for good measure, here's a little bit of Lola doing what Lola does when she's not doing something else... like sleeping in weird positions or begging you to play or pitifully drooling for a treat.

Lola doing what Lola does when Lola's not doing something else


A puppy party!


Tonight we got to meet this little cutie. Jaila came over to play for a while and this little 3 year old Boxer certainly wore out Henry and Lola. This happy girl was a ton of fun and a huge lover! She needs to come back again and bring her parents!


Jaala and Thomas

And just in case you missed him, here's my boy. Henry just turned eight and is still as crazy as ever!