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A Day Among Giants {wedding invitation design}

Over the summer I had the pleasure of designing wedding invitations for my cousin and his lovely bride-to-be. They were set to get married at the Bohemian Grove which might be the most secluded and coolest place on earth. It's a big encampment deep in the redwoods and it's amazing. The happy couple wanted their wedding invitations to reflect the Grove, be a bit fancy but generally simple and understated. I think we did it! 

The Grove's towering trees are incredible and the day was even better than I could have imagined.


Thanks, Melissa and Andrew for letting me be part of such a fun day!


Hello from my corner of California 

It's March but that means its almost sunny season here in California. I can't wait to spend my Friday afternoons out here with a cold cocktail, my pups and some knitting!


Freezing Avocados

One of the perks of living in Southern California is the abundance of avocados. There are many different varieties of avocados and they ripen at different times throughout the year. Our neighbor's tree decided to choose this week to ripen and her little, 90 year old self was not going to eat all the fruit. We gladly accepted many heavy bags full of avocados and have since been gorging ourselves on the velvety goodness. We had about a dozen very ripe avocados and couldn't finish them so we decided to try and freeze them. Here's how:

1. Wash the avocados.

2. Cut and peel the avocados.

3. Place flesh in a bowl, add about 1 tbsp of lemon or lime juice per 3-4 avocados.

4. Mash the avocados with a potato masher or fork.

5. Put avocado in vacuum seal bags or airtight storage containers and freeze.

I am kind of excited to have a stockpile of avocado in my freezer. I'm not sure how the consistency will be on after freezing but I will update this post when I have some. I am expecting it to be perfect for guacamole, avocado smoothies or a sandwich spread.


The view today

When I opened my eyes this morning I could see a bright purple coming through the window so I lept out of bed to snap a picture of this morning's sunrise. It was worth it! Sky scense are always fleeting and this one was no exception. Here's what we had 15 minutes later.

And then an hour after that... 


Hovercraft at the Harbor

This past weekend we went to Oceanside Harbor Days where the Marines lined up the beach with some pretty crazy vehicles and let the public climb all over them. My favorite was this hovercraft. It's a massive cargo carrier that puffs up and floats right across the water. We often see them off shore while the Navy and Marines are doing training maneuvers so it was really fun to see it up close. We were lucky enough to get to see it head back to Camp Pendleton, too. Check out the video I took of it leaving the beach, I got pelted with sand but it was totally worth it!