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It's finally Friday


It's been a really long week but nothing soothes me quite like these two adorable pups. They want nothing but dinner and a good scratch... and maybe endless hours of staring.

Lovely Lola



smorgasbord of treats!

Everyone knows my dogs are spoiled but I think the treat situation is getting a little out of control.


Meet Abbey

Shady & Abbey

I don't know what it is about dogs but I could stare in their eyes forever. The dogs I know and love are so gentle, lively and fun. Meet Shady and Abbey. Shady has been to our house for other fun, but Abbey is new and hasn't met Henry and Lola. She's just over a year old and full of adorable energy, I think they'll have to get together for a play date!


Daily dog

sleeping in

Lola is a bold dog with gallons of personality but she keeps it well hidden and only reveals it for the ones she loves. She likes to be the top dog but is timid when treading into a new relationship. She backs away from unknown men and doesn't like it when other women steal her show. But once she warms up and decides your in her "club" as I call it, there's no getting away. Ever.


Clean and happy

lovey Lola

It's been a busy week between work and life and all that stuff. In preparation for their Granny's visit I threw the dogs off track with a mid-week, midday bath. And as a result Lola has been excessively lovey tonight staring longingly into whatever eyes she can capture silently coaxing endless rubs. I always let her roam without her collar for a day or two after her bath. She gets to be naked and we get to do this.

lovey Lola