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Reindeer games

reindeer dogs

Every year I try and get Henry and Lola to pose for photos in these antlers and I could never figure out why they wouldn't sit still. This year it was three humans and a bucket of treats versus one dog at a time.

After crying with laughter and barely being able to hold the camera still, now I understand why I've never had a successful photo before. Apparently wearing stuffed antlers is, in a dog's mind, akin to sitting on a hot poker and not being allowed to scream.


Fresh & Clean

bath time

These two muppets needed a scrub down much like everything else in my home at the moment. Note to self: Don't shovel 35 year old rocks and tar off your roof without CLOSING THE BACKDOOR. Who wants tar dust all over their house? Me, apparently. Now I'm off to wash the white sofa, I hope it will be as easy to clean as these pups!


Look into his eyes

hello henry


All ears!

Miss Lola

I may or may not have said the magic word. T-R-E-A-T.


Crazy Hour

crazy hour

Do your dogs get crazy at a certain time of day? These two do. Lola finds her favorite toy and plays and runs and chases. And Henry, well he's just Henry.