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Even Design

You know how you see neat stuff throughout the year and think, "Oh, that would be a great Christmas gift for me!" Well that is what I think when I go to the Even Design website.

Judi Patson makes not-so-traditional sterling silver jewelry. From necklaces with little Lego pieces to refillable rings with glow sticks inside, her jewelry is out of the ordinary.

My favorite is this ruler ring:


I love these bubble level cufflinks, a great gift for the well dressed man in your life:


I like this ring because it reminds me of a bowl Thomas has for various bits and pieces from around the garage:


As with any well made, unique item, it comes at a price. All items shown start at $176.

: :: ::: :: :

Even Design, Inc. found here.


Another wonderful night

Loveboat Sushi in Oceanside, makes the best sushi I've had on the west coast. Tonight we had wonderful service and fabulous food (as usual). Toro and gold-leafed blue fin tuna to start.

Blue fin tuna sashimi

Everything was fantastic. Yellowtail, jumbo live scallop, Spanish mackerel, salmon, all lubricated with sake and Sapporo.

I even got a rose from Kenny.

A rose

But the highlight of the evening, of course, was our favorite sushi chef Jerry.

Jerry, Loveboat Sushi



My sister Nancy most definitely has an eye for design. We both love the same sort of clean, white, stylized design but our execution has always been in different media. She has worked in the textile and retail industry for years, I have been on the 2D graphic design side. We know what we like but struggle at the other's specialty. Whenever Nancy would visit my NobleKnits yarn shop in Oceanside she would completely rearrange the store, the displays, merchandise and even furniture. I did an OK job, but she could always make the shop look top notch.

Now the tables are turned. I've been posting so many photographs over the last few months that she is getting envious! She went out and bought a camera like mine, I give her lessons over the phone and now she takes her time and considers the composition of her photos. Her new mantra? What would Heather do?

Nancy was as excited about the MiniCards from Moo.com as I was. She pulled her favorite yarns, took her photos and look at her reward:

NobleKnits MooCards


I wish the whole world lived by WWHD. One day they will.


Farmers' Market in Oceanside

When I woke up yesterday morning, I didn't feel healthy. When I don't feel well I usually try to find something in my cupboards to make me feel better. Yesterday, we had nothing. No healthy food, no milk, no vegetables, no bread.

I decided I needed to change that. I jumped in the shower, threw on some clothes and hopped in the car. I knew where I could find some good eats, the Oceanside Farmers' Market. Every Thursday morning, the city blocks off a section of street next to City Hall.

Oceanside Farmers' Market

It's a small but well stocked farmers' market. There's a fish monger, people selling handmade wares and always quite a few vendors with beautiful flowers. The bouquets previewed the season with rich autumnal palettes.

Bright fall flowers

They were pretty and tempting, but I wasn't at the market for flowers. I went searching for color in other places, like this vegetable stand. I bought two bunches of the beets. I can't wait to cook them tonight.

Colorful produce

I also picked up some swiss chard that I think I'll wilt with some garlic.

Fresh greens

I had my evening menu all planned, but my neighbor stopped by and invited us to the nighttime version of the Farmers' Market. It's more food related than the morning event. There were interestingly exciting booths, like Kebabistan


and Animal Pretzels. (?)

Animal Pretzels?

As good as those sounded, we enjoyed some (maybe not the healthiest) lobster bisque while we listened to the band and hung out with our new friends.


...but Autumn is coming

I've been checking out these yummy new lotions and bubble baths by Lollia from NobleKnits. If they feel as good as they look, I can't wait until mine arrives!

I love their packaging, simple and beautiful!