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Technicolor Carrots!


I just got around to eating the carrots that I unearthed here and oh my are they the most exciting thing. EVER! I mean it! Purple outside, orange inside. Color fun!


Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to my Mom and my Mummy! I think my mother and my mother-in-law are my two biggest blog readers, commenters and fans. They both love looking at the photos from my garden and we always end up talking about plants on any given phone call. I've learned a lot about gardening from both of them and I know my garden wouldn't be half of what it is without their passed on knowledge. So cheers to the two mothers in my life, I love you both! 

And here's some photos of the garden just today for you to enjoy!

- Instagram photos of my own flowers and garden. Follow me on Instagram @eweeweyarns. 


A little earlier than most

reaching This may sound ridiculous, actually I know it will, but it's beginning to feel like spring here in Southern California. What? It's the day after Christmas! It's the end of December, we just passed winter solstice, it's cold and dark! Yes, I know. My California garden seems to take hiatus for October, November and much of December, but it seems spring is in the air for my succulents. Flowers are blossoming, bees are visiting, soon I'll be prepping my garden beds for tomatoes. bee on jade succulents


The Dirt Bag: 2

Dirt Bag 2

Today's haul --
3 ears of ruby red sweet corn
4 lemons
1 bundle of parsley


The Dirt Bag: 1

My best friend sent me a hilarious gift of a Dirt Bag. My best friend since kindergarten apparently thinks I'm a dirt bag, or at least that I'd get good use out of a dirt bag. And you know what? She's right! I love dirt and bags. The Dirt Bag has a burlap exterior with a hefty blue tarp lining and I've decided to make it my vegetable picking caddy. My vegetables and fruit trees are down the hillside and I can't make it back up to the house with more than three or four lemons in my hands. Enter Dirt Bag.

I never anticipated I would have a thriving garden let alone a thriving vegetable crop and multiple fruit trees. The fresh produce I pick constantly amazes me so I'd like to document it in a better way and I think The Dirt Bag might just be the perfect way to do it.

Today's haul:
a metric ton of cherry tomatoes
6 limes

in the dirt bag