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My little Lola

I don't know what it is about this dog but she makes me laugh at every turn. Lola is either on or off. There's no in between with her. She's alert or she's passed out like a champ. See, here she is completely interested in what I'm doing, am I going to get her a treat? 

Of course I am! How could I not after that little face? 

But then there's this. Did she have too much bourbon? Passed out cold!

Oh, Lola! 



Working from home gives you the opportunity to really get to know your pets and all their quirks. When I worked out of the house I was certain that the dogs would sleep all day and then be ready to play by the time I got home. Being home means they don't sleep as often and they're ready to play, bark at the mailman or pathetically beg for a tiny morsel of my lunch. Lola was laying on the floor with her neck stretched as far as it would go just so she could rest her chin on the edge of my chair. It looked really uncomfortable and entirely hilarious. 


I am her TV #1


What happened this week?

I found this creature in my bathtub! No thank you. Sir, I said, NO THANK YOU! I really don't mind spiders in the wild, I find their webs fascinating and their colors incredible. But don't go moving in to my home. This is my home, you make your home beyond the doors of this home. We work on a catch and release program so this giant, non-poisonous spider got scooped up and escorted outside to some nice cushy ice plant. Then I found another one on the sofa. I didn't sleep well that night.

I did some knitting on the deck. This is some kind of short sleeve sweater idea I'm having. I'm not sure if the knitting will turn into a pattern I like or not but I suppose that's the plight of any designer, knitting or otherwise. This little sweater will be for Ewe Ewe when it's complete. What's better than some Wooly Worsted merino yarn? Not much! I'm also sipping a Maker's and 7 here. Delicious. 

One dog did a weak job of guarding us from the hallway.

The other didn't bother at all and slept under the sofa.

Happy Friday, I hope your week was a success and your weekend is sunny and warm!