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A quick walk through my garden

angel's trumpet

After a too short weekend and a too busy Monday, I couldn't wait to get out in my garden. I love this angel's trumpet tree, aren't those upside down blossoms just incredible? Yes!

tea roses

Lion's tail

And, check out this plant. Thomas' granny got it for me on her visit to our home last summer. These orange furry dots are only the start of a wild bloom. I can't wait to show it to you in a week or two.

Under the lemon tree

Indian Feather

I hope this little tour brightened up your Monday like it did mine.


Full moon rising

full moon rising b&w


The sea before the storm

the sea before the storm

It's a wild week of weather and we'll be lucky if California manages to stay in about the same place. It might just wash into the Pacific. Today we are expecting another massive storm with high winds and lots of rain. I had to venture out and see how the ocean was behaving before I hunker down for the rest of the week.


The rain's a comin'

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