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Cute new stuff!

Check out this fun little number over at NobleKnits. I love pink! I love green! I love yarn! I love pink and green yarn!

I think it will be my new best friend. It's a cotton called Ty-dy from K1, C2. It never get's all that cold here in San Diego, so the cotton's always rockin. Now to find the right pattern...

I like this Double Decker sweater, also by K1, C2.

Hmm, I like the Double Decker sweater, I'm married to an English man, I like Branston Pickle, am I an Anglophile or what? Well whatever, at least I have a new project! Maybe I'll get to wear it in London in the spring.

Reader Comments (1)

London in the spring? Lucky you! And, yes, love the sweater and the yarn too.

I haven't knitted anything in ages--it's been a hot summer by the pool and somehow soaking in the sun doesn't seem to go with knitting to me. Much more sewing happening here in the cool basement!

But I've been thinking it's time to get knitting again. The piggle hat you sent is calling--as is another martini bolero (I LOVE that pattern!).

Wave at the ocean for me!

August 31, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterJoanne (The Simple Wife)

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