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He didn't laugh at my pun

Picture 26

Ben & Jerry's annouced today that they will not be reducing the size of their ice cream pints like Häagen-Dazs has so greedily decided to do.

Thomas: Huh.


Häagen-Dazs is reducing their pint size to 14 ounces but Ben & Jerry's isn't.

Me: Did you get that email from Ben & Jerry's?

Thomas: Yes.

Me: My email wouldn't open a couple of minutes ago or else I would have scooped you! HAHAHA.


Orange you sad?

Have you noticed the new Tropicana orange juice packaging? I like it.

Picture 23

It's bright and fresh with more white space and less clutter. But apparently I am in the minority of the opinionated. Since launching their new packaging Tropicana has been bombarded with a massive amount of negative feedback. The company is returning to its previous packaging. The New York Times writes,

The about-face comes after consumers complained about the makeover in letters, e-mail messages and telephone calls and clamored for a return of the original look.

Some of those commenting described the new packaging as “ugly” or “stupid,” and resembling “a generic bargain brand” or a “store brand.”

“Do any of these package-design people actually shop for orange juice?” the writer of one e-mail message asked rhetorically. “Because I do, and the new cartons stink.”

Others described the redesign as making it more difficult to distinguish among the varieties of Tropicana or differentiate Tropicana from other orange juices.

I think the new package looks very European, modern and clean. Everything in the grocery store with their BIG bold letters is trying to jump off the shelf to the passing consumer and it just doesn't work. The subtlety of this package spoke to me, and my husband and I even discussed how refreshing it looked.

I was happy to see the orange-with-a-straw-poking-from-it design disappear. I remember disliking it even as a child. The television ad would have a straw wielding kid hopelessly chasing around an orange on the loose. I'm sad to see it return. I thought it was gone for good.

Maybe I should have emailed Tropicana to let them know how much I liked the new look. It seems like the company was sent so much negative feedback that the started to doubt their own decision making abilities.

What do you think?



Who knew they were capable?

Tweet Congress

I don't know what got in the water in Washington but the government is suddenly acting like it's the 21st Century. Republicans and Democrats alike are everywhere, on YouTube, on Facebook and now they're all over Twitter. (If you don't know, Twitter is an online messaging system that lets you stay connected to your friends in 140 characters or less.) Congress is really getting in on the fun. Via a new website, tweetcongress.org, I was able to find and follow one of California's Senators, Barbara Boxer. But the other Senator and my local Representative were mockingly labeled with silly speech bubbles. Get with the times Feinstein!

Diane Feinstein

Click here to find your representatives.


Happy Inauguration Day 2009!

President Obama needs your help decorating the Oval Office, or at least IKEA think so. Restyle, redecorate, add a dog or a few secret service agents to your Oval Office redesign at www.embracechange09.com.

Decorate your own Oval Office

My design incorporates two dogs -- note how Henry is watching under the desk and Lola is watching for trespassers, a typical afternoon -- and an art easel. I would need more stuff on the tables like magazines and stickers, but all in all I'm digging it.


An open letter to Jezebel.com

Dear Jezebel,

I really hate your new layout. I love your content and have been reading your website since you were just an infant. You write articles about topics I think about and subjects that come up over coffee with friends. I frequently email your articles to loved ones. I love the Dirt Bag for my celebrity gossip needs and I belly-laugh every Friday with the Pot Psychology videos. Your stories are sharp and to the point, never filled up with unnecessary blabber. Your news articles are focused on the people and causes I like to read about each day. Your content applies to me, I am your target market, but I just don't know if I we can keep this love affair alive.

I've tried to love your new layout but it has no focus, no hierarchy of information. The article titles are lost among the post times and the most current comment. On the old Jezebel, articles had pop and interest, curious photos and quick, tasty article bites. Today, every article appears to have the same importance and they all seem boring.

I used to read your website every morning and every evening to catch up on the news and to find a funny or interesting read. But your new site is so uninteresting it no longer excites me. I think we might have to divorce if you don't fix this troubling matter. I'm sad, but this is reality.

Take care,

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