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Working from home gives you the opportunity to really get to know your pets and all their quirks. When I worked out of the house I was certain that the dogs would sleep all day and then be ready to play by the time I got home. Being home means they don't sleep as often and they're ready to play, bark at the mailman or pathetically beg for a tiny morsel of my lunch. Lola was laying on the floor with her neck stretched as far as it would go just so she could rest her chin on the edge of my chair. It looked really uncomfortable and entirely hilarious. 


I am her TV #1


Hidden storage table

We found a tutorial on about converting an IKEA LACK table into a hidden storage table and since we had a couple of LACK tables laying around we decided to give it a try. After a little time with my Bosch Oscillating Multi-Tool and a couple of drawer slides I had a reinvented sidetable! Perfect for nail polish and knitting notions.


Hovercraft at the Harbor

This past weekend we went to Oceanside Harbor Days where the Marines lined up the beach with some pretty crazy vehicles and let the public climb all over them. My favorite was this hovercraft. It's a massive cargo carrier that puffs up and floats right across the water. We often see them off shore while the Navy and Marines are doing training maneuvers so it was really fun to see it up close. We were lucky enough to get to see it head back to Camp Pendleton, too. Check out the video I took of it leaving the beach, I got pelted with sand but it was totally worth it! 


New iPhone Panorama

I'm totally in love with the new panorama setting on my iPhone. iOS6 has been good to me! Here's two images of a nice night Thomas and I spent with my parents at the Oceanside Pier here in lovely Oceanside, California. These photos are unedited and straight out of my pocket. Amazing!