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There's no saying no

Lola and her new toy

...when Lola makes these eyes. You are under her control, and she says you're going to play. Right. Now.


The Chuckleheads

lola & henry aka the chuckleheads

Lola and Henry want to wish you a happy Saturday. We hope it's sunny in your neck of the woods!


Isn't he just incredible?


I know that people think their children are the cutest children that have ever been born. It's natural to love your children so blindly. But then there's dogs. I most certainly did not give birth to this dog, but he really is the cutest child ever.


My dog

my dog

Hi. Hello. I'm Henry and I love you.


Idle and indolent

new IKEA curtains

Ha! Hardly. My mother-in-law has been visiting us for the last two weeks and while I'd like to be able to groan about how she lays around all day and I have to feed her chocolates and caraway seeds and bring her endless cups of coffee, that just isn't the case. Pauline has been churning through project after project around our house. The biggest one was these new curtains. We bought them at IKEA in the fall and never took the time to hang them, and now I know why. It took her two whole days. But they look amazing. I absolutely love them. Thank you, Mummy!