Gourmet, you say?
Friday, May 4, 2012 at 11:09AM
Heather Walpole in Book Reviews, Food, book review, cookbook review, cooking

We did gourmet for sure last night. We made burgers topped with brie and truffle aioli. I made the buns, I packed the burgers, Thomas hand-cut the fries. And it was awesome. We picked up the book Burgers by Paul Gayler last weekend and I think we're going to be making a lot from in there.

Burgers is packed full of awesome gourmet burger ideas and not just with beef. There's salmon burgers, lamb, vegetarian and turkey burgers. Plus tons more. And even if you don't follow the recipe exactly this book is loaded with unique toppings and tasty inspiration. The Niçoise Crab Burger might just be next on my list! I highly recommend this book to anyone, because who doesn't love a good burger?? I certainly do!

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